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Project 69 is owned/coded by I Duh Loot.
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Project 69 - Portal Empty3/3/2013, 11:00 am by slayer1991

Project 69 - Portal Empty8/9/2011, 5:44 am by random

» Cant Connect
Project 69 - Portal Empty6/23/2011, 9:31 am by Lean.Protein

Project 69 - Portal Empty2/22/2011, 9:00 am by I Duh Loot

Project 69 - Portal Empty1/1/2011, 1:57 am by black

» who quit? and vote now
Project 69 - Portal Empty12/12/2010, 6:47 am by random

» Server shut down, possible new server
Project 69 - Portal Empty12/12/2010, 6:47 am by random

» problem.......
Project 69 - Portal Empty12/9/2010, 2:55 am by random

» Quitting...
Project 69 - Portal Empty12/6/2010, 2:34 am by good fight

11-30 10 Updates
Project 69 - Portal Empty12/1/2010, 10:24 am by I Duh Loot
-Fully coded in miasmic spells, with attack delays and all. just need interface
-85% construction, with a guide, correct teleport, own house, own walls, saving objects, removing objects, etc...
-Fixed slayer points?
-Fixed dclaws, still on player is weird so dont spec on player or you will have to log.
-Fully coded in chaotic, deciding how it should be released .

Comments: 2
11-26-10 Updates
Project 69 - Portal Empty11/27/2010, 9:13 am by I Duh Loot
Im sorry for lack of updates, its not that i didnt update ,its that i forgot to post..
-Made torm deamons harder
-Fixed drag claws on players and npcs
-Fixed blitz
-Fixed object second and first click

Comments: 4
11-17-10 Updates
Project 69 - Portal Empty11/17/2010, 1:07 pm by I Duh Loot
-Fixed chat logs.
-Fixed barrows loots.
-Added pm logs.

Comments: 15
11-16-10 Updates
Project 69 - Portal Empty11/17/2010, 11:58 am by I Duh Loot
-Fully fixed npc drops.
-Fixed zamorak robe top.
-Fixed some of my item base that i made to work even better.

Comments: 2
11-15-10 Updates
Project 69 - Portal Empty11/16/2010, 4:26 am by I Duh Loot
-Overloads are here ! , fully working 100% with hp deletion, and with wildy restrictions . (cant use in wildy, if you go into wildy it wears off )
(you mix extreme attack,strength,defence,ranging,and maging potions together(extremes dont work atm, and will be later on made through herblore))
-Added new wildy locations like runescape, Ex. chaos druids in edge dungeon
-Just wanted to let you know, …

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Comments: 3
11-13-10 Updates
Project 69 - Portal Empty11/13/2010, 2:16 pm by I Duh Loot
-Coded full quick prayer toggle into game, client side and server side. Client side will be released soon.
-Coded full autocast option on magic tab, both server side and client side . Client side will be released soon.
-Fixed cursed prayers, leeches and turmoil were allowed both on -.-.

Comments: 3
11-12-10 Updates
Project 69 - Portal Empty11/13/2010, 4:34 am by I Duh Loot
-You will only receive a limited amount of starter's .
-Fixed whip animations, like stand .
* Clue scroll base *
* Anagrams
* Dialogues
* Random rewards
* Resets the scroll
- Level ones only atm
-Fixed skill interface !

Comments: 1
11-11-10 Updates
Project 69 - Portal Empty11/12/2010, 6:05 am by I Duh Loot
-Fixed mute, now if your muted you cant talk .
-Added anti advertiser , if you contain a word like .com, .org or stuff like that you will get muted . After 5 times of course. (can only say our forum)
-Fixed up donator area, waaay better for skilling Very Happy
-Added donator shop in the donator area
-added more items into the pk shop.
-moved objects around edgeville better like altars,

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Comments: 1
11-10-10 Updates
Project 69 - Portal Empty11/11/2010, 4:52 am by I Duh Loot
-Fixed prayer bug, when you would turn on/off the some prayers like turmoil the gfx and animation would play, now it only does it when u turn on.

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